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CSS failing to apply from S3 hosted files (uploaded with transmit)

Posted by Matt Bryson on 26-May-2015 12:14:33

Had a very odd issue with CSS files being loaded, but the css not being applied (and any @imports not loading either).

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Topics: CSS, AWS, S3

How to get Git SHA in an Elastic Beanstalk App (and set other dynamic env vars at deployment)

Posted by Matt Bryson on 18-May-2015 08:57:28

As part of our deployment process, we include the short git SHA as a build number against our SemVer version number.

We wanted this available in our application UI to help identify running versions. Easy I thought, Beanstalk sets this as the Version Label when deploying, so we should be able to access that from the environment vars in PHP.

Unfortunately not, this is one of the many EB values you cant easily get to. After a lot of failed attempts, here is how we managed it as a one-liner in the .ebextensions

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Topics: PHP, EC2, AWS, Deployment, EB (Elastic Beanstalk), Apache

Compiling phantomJS 2.0 for AWS EC2 linux image

Posted by Matt Bryson on 17-Apr-2015 11:30:08

Back in Feb I wrote about how to compile phantomJS 2.0.0 for linux, using centOS as the build machine. However, the resulting bin files are not portable across all linux distros, hence why the official binaries aren't out yet.

If you need to run phantomJS on one of the AWS machine images, here is how we compiled it on AWS.

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Topics: PhantomJS, EC2, AWS, CentOS, Linux, Bash

boot2docker error : dial tcp: lookup no answer from server

Posted by Matt Bryson on 17-Mar-2015 11:14:00

Had this little annoying error with docker the other day.

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Topics: Deployment, Docker

Compiling phantomJs 2.0 binaries on Linux

Posted by Matt Bryson on 08-Feb-2015 16:56:26

We were upgrading our automated screen shot process of our core product, moving it over to phantomJS 2.0 as it uses a much newer QT WebKit engine, that produces far more accurate results.

However, there is currently no download for the linux build, so we decided to build it ourselves. After quite a few failed attempts, (using various bash scripts and trying the deploy vm that is in the repo), this is how we finally got it working If you want to cut to the chase, you can grab the 64bit bin file here...

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Topics: PhantomJS, Linux

Enable fast user switching in chrome

Posted by Matt Bryson on 22-Jan-2015 13:39:00

The new updates to chrome have added a nicer looking user / avatar menu, but have added a few more clicks when changing user profiles.

If like us you use this to manage different profiles, rather than users - such as work, home, or even profiles per project, then it becomes very cumbersome having to make these extra clicks.

However, you can enable this...

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Topics: Chrome

Shellshock Bash Bug : How to patch Bash on AWS EC2 deployed with Elastic Beanstalk

Posted by Matt Bryson on 26-Sep-2014 10:18:02

In response to the ShellShock bug, we tried to patch all our AWS EC2 servers following this security bulletin... but it didn't work.

Turns out that the instructions in the AWS bulletin don't apply to Elastic Beanstalk deployed servers. After some searching, we found the answer.

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Topics: EC2, AWS, yum, CentOS, EB (Elastic Beanstalk), Linux, Bash, Apache

Error: Error setting TTL index on collection - Mongo, Express, Mongoose, Replica Sets

Posted by Matt Bryson on 24-Sep-2014 18:17:47

We recently converted a Mongo DB backed Node app from a single monogo instance to a Replica Set. Which threw up a few errors, heres what we did....

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Topics: MongoDB, Mongoose, NodeJs, Express

Resign Existing iPad Apps / ipa Files with a New Provisioning Profile

Posted by Matt Bryson on 15-Sep-2014 18:18:56

Here is a little script we wrote to help re build Enterprise iPad apps without having to checkout the project and re compile them.

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Topics: iPad, XCODE, IOS

InvokeScript changes from WP8.0 to WP8.1

Posted by Matt Bryson on 12-Sep-2014 11:26:53

With the windows phone 8.1 release, lots of nice new features were added for a WebView control.

However, one of which was the deprecation of WebView.InvokeScript

According to this page, as of 8.2 (or 9.0?) it will no longer be available, and you should use WebView.InvokeScriptAsync

What it doesn't mention is the breaking change to existing WebView.InvokeScript.

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Topics: WP8