AWS Elastic Beanstalk Deployment Command Timeouts (and request logs fails...)

Posted by Matt Bryson on 09-Sep-2014 15:09:02
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If your AWS EB deployment suddenly started failing with the following:

Update environment operation is complete, but with command timeouts. Try increasing the timeout period. For more information, see troubleshooting documentation.

And you find that trying to pull the logs also fails, it might be the same issue we recently had.

According to an AWS support guy, the command processor on the EC2 instance might have died, so it's basically un responsive in terms of deploying or retrieving logs, and other AWS related commands.

To rectify this, assuming your deployment is entirely managed by EB (all source files and config is done by the EB deployment and nothing persisted on the box) simply terminate the EC2 instance from under it, and EB will spin up a new one for you.

WARNING : If you use Elastic Block Storage, a local RDBMS or any other storage on the box you will loose these files, so you will need to back up first.

This only happened on our single instance dev box, so was fairly simple to login to EC2, and terminate the EC2 instance. If its a load balanced one, then it would be a little more complex.


Topics: EC2, AWS, EB (Elastic Beanstalk)

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