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Posted by Simon Dempsey on 29-Sep-2017 13:54:58
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Touch Creative's Commercial Operations Director, Simon Dempsey, gives his views on why the iDetailAid platform plays such a vital role in their digital detail aid production.

At Touch, we pride ourselves on our great service, providing creativity and unquestionable value to our Pharma/Healthcare clients in everything we do.

iDetailAid plays an important role for our in-house Digital Communications team in providing a user-friendly comprehensive digital detail aid production tool that allows the flexibility to service our clients’ requirements seamlessly and with a low level impact on the overall project timeline and budget.

For example, a particular Top10 pharma client recently asked Touch to build a new ‘EMEA-level iPad presentation’ for a new product in the market. The requirements were to:

  • Create x53 slides with x15 pop-up overlays
  • Provide for a multi-product presentation (with associated reporting into Veeva)
  • Build both horizontal and vertical flows
  • Develop decision-tree type navigation menus with conversation-led pathway options to be made available
  • Provide full content and interactivity testing
  • Output a final comprehensive PDF (with slide map) for Zinc approval
  • Publish to client’s Veeva instance
  • Make presentation available for individual country adoption (for use with customers)

Two working days after receiving the content from a third-party agency we had built and tested the interactive presentation, made one minor client amend, and had successfully published into Veeva with full client approval. The cost to the client (including the one-off iDetailAid product set-up costs) was roughly 15-20% of what we believe a client could normally expect to pay for such a service without using iDetailAid.

And the icing on the cake… the various EMEA countries are now able to adopt a duplicate instance for localisation for just a few hundred Euros, rather than creating a custom built presentation for many thousands of Euros.

As digital communications providers and iDetailAid experts, Touch have been able to deliver an unprecedented level of service and value to our client, and continue to do so as the affiliate country digital detail aid roll-out continues.




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Simon is the Commercial Operations Director at Touch Creative Design Limited

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