Failed to deploy elasticbeanstalk application? "Unsuccessful command execution on instance id(s) 'i-********'. Aborting the operation."

Posted by Matt Bryson on 19-Oct-2015 11:20:03
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Sometimes EB fails to deploy and times out with a generic error:

Unsuccessful command execution on instance id(s) 'i-********'. Aborting the operation.

As of yet there is no clean way to get out of this, but here are the top 3 ways that we have got it to work - depending on your needs...

1) Restart App server
From within the EB console, choose Actions > Restart App servers.
Downtime, but not for long, quick, but doesn't always work.

2) Terminate EC2 instance
From within the EC2 console, go to the list of instances, tick the instance and choose Actions > Instance State > Terminate.

Long Downtime, this deletes the box and make a new one. This works mostly, but has failed to bring up the new instance sometimes, until we eb deploy again.

3) Change load balancer
From within the EB console, go to your application configuration, and enter the Scaling settings. Change the minimum instances to 2. Save the changes and let the environment update and bring up a new EC2 server. Now go back and change the minimum instances back to your usual setting, and change the maximum instances to 1. Wait for the environemnt to update, bring down the old insnace, and then go back and change maximum instances back to your usual setting.
Zero Downtime, but takes a long time and you need a load balancer. This effectively creates a brand new EC2 box whilst still running the old one, then destroys the old one, so you have no downtime. But changing thoes settings takes quite a while.

Non of these really solve the issue, but they are the only workarounds that we know of at the moment.


Topics: EC2, AWS, Deployment, EB (Elastic Beanstalk), Elasticbenastalk

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