I Prefer to Read - Is there anyone else out there?

Posted by Michael Evans on 26-Jul-2016 15:20:53
I have worked for a company that makes eDetailing software for about 3 months now (iDetailAid) and with this new focus, I have really begun to think about the way that information is presented to
end users.

I have also worked in Sales and Marketing for many years and have long been aware of the received wisdom that if you want to communicate effectively and do well in SEO, then you should use the visual image and preferably video whenever possible.

As an example and to bear this out, a quick search of the web while I am writing this, brings me to an article which tells me that by 2019, 80 percent of all internet traffic will be video. This particular article concludes with these words:
“Consumers like video, use video and remember video. Those are all great components for a successful marketing strategy.”

If I put my consumers hat on however, I am not sure that this applies to me and it has made me wonder if I am alone in questioning these received wisdoms.

I know for example that if I want to catch up on the news that I will rarely opt for the video link, almost always choosing to read the article.

If we look at two separate presentations of the same thing, then I know which one I prefer if only for the fact that when I want to communicate this on to someone else, I will at least know how to articulate it:

Graphic Presentation Text Presentation
 triangle.png An orchid blue equilateral triangle with an opacity of 75% and a 1 point black border.

I guess the truth is that there is room for both approaches, but it does worry me that the rush to video is a self-fulfilling prophecy and if the only source of information is video, then that is of course where people will get their information.

The good news when it comes to producing eDetail is that the decision on which media to use is entirely editorial and the software (Our software anyway) is completely agnostic. So I guess my message is ultimately for the designers and editors - Please don’t forget that some of us prefer to get our information by reading rather than watching it.

I think there might be a lot of us out there.

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Michael is a highly experienced software sales executive leading all sales activities for iDetailAid across the UK and Europe.

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