iDetailAid announces partnership with Pope Woodhead to deliver a new generation of multichannel access negotiation tools to pharmaceuticals

Posted by Tim Heyes on 11-Jan-2017 13:00:00
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iDetailAid is pleased to announce an alliance with the UK-based strategic Market Access and Lifesciences consultancy and Level-4 Veeva-approved content agency Pope Woodhead.




The partnership plans to pair iDetailAid’s ground breaking, Veeva-integrated content adaptation software with Pope Woodhead’s payer strategy and value communication expertise. The aim is to develop a new generation of multichannel access negotiation tools, connecting global and local teams and helping pharma companies engage an ever-wider customer base using the Veeva environment.

The combined tools and services will help global and local Market Access clients to easily adapt access negotiation content, gaining more control over costs and timelines, as well as providing better local flexibility to meet specific audience needs. It will also help Market Access teams participate more effectively in coordinating multi-channel, multi-customer engagements whilst still owning and driving the payer messaging and negotiation strategy.

While the implementation and adoption of new technology can seem a complex process, Pope Woodhead’s team of experts can also advise and guide companies on the best approach to digital implementation to ensure maximum benefit and ROI.

Tim Heyes, Director at iDetailAid said:

“We are very excited about the significant time and cost benefits that iDetailAid brings to Market Access engagements, further demonstrating the power of our platform in meeting specific customer needs.”

Giles Thurston, Head of Digital at Pope Woodhead said:

“The coupling of Pope Woodhead’s communications, content and digital expertise with the capabilities of iDetailAid, promises to take our Veeva services to the next level in terms of direct negotiation support. Through this approach, we are enabling our clients to quickly and cost-efficiently create engaging content and, significantly, allow regional teams to customise this as required”.

About iDetailAid

iDetailAid is an eDetail creation platform for the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industry that integrates with existing CRM systems. It enables the fast and efficient delivery and management of engaging content while reducing costs, simplifying localisation and ensuring brand consistency across global markets. It enables internal teams, affiliates, digital factories and agencies alike to create, update and localise content across multiple products and countries from a simple, web-based authoring platform.

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About Pope Woodhead

Pope Woodhead provides strategic consulting and integrated solutions to pharmaceutical companies. Our 30 plus years’ experience of working with leading global companies informs our innovative thinking and collaborative approach. Honed to address client challenges posed by dynamic markets and regulatory environments, our consulting services cover all key strategic areas:

  • Market Access Strategy & Excellence
  • Strategic payer value communications
  • Real World Evidence Strategy & Implementation
  • Digital Enablement & Integration
  • Organisational Capability Building

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