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Posted by Matt Bryson on 29-Jun-2017 16:03:49
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Yesterday, iDetailAid attended the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit in London's ExCeL centre, along with 6,000 other customers and partners of Amazon.

As our platform is deployed and managed entirely on the AWS Cloud, it was interesting not only to hear about the new services that are available, but also how other companies are leveraging those services to provide faster, more scalable and more secure applications to their customers; while at the same time, reducing costs.

Fascinating insights into a "cloud-first" approach came from Ocado, DVLA, BP and Deliveroo. Especially from Ocado on how they run their “Robotic Warehouse” and Deliveroo’s machine learning behind their delivery engine, “Frank”.

UK MD of AWS, Gavin Jackson, laid out the company’s future plans, declaring “Cloud is the new norm”. He went on to say, “It’s unparalleled as a paradigm from any other technology shift we’ve ever seen in history.” 


This is certainly true in the case of iDetailAid; all of the services that make up our platform are hosted in the AWS Cloud, giving us amazing flexibility when it comes to improving efficiency and reducing the time it takes to get a new feature to market. 

Long gone are the days of having an IT department managing all your data centers, network security, backup and deployment policies. You no longer need to spend thousands on hardware, only to find that it's not quite up to the task or 6 months later it’s redundant.

Cloud services such as AWS take all this pain out of the equation, allowing us to focus on what we are actually interested in - building great products for our customers. 

The CTO of, Werner Vogels reiterated this point, in respect to the agility that this brings to companies. It enables them to design, develop and deploy features much faster than before.

“This is a new world of IT, we’re doing things differently now as IT professionals from five or ten years ago… Cloud is dramatically changing the way we’re operating and building software.

“Development now is very different. When you think about resources whether it’s hardware or decisions around operating systems and packaging, all of those constraints have gone out of the window. Now you’re free to develop in the way that you really like to develop.”

After the Keynote, and a few free coffees, we took the opportunity to get involved in some web service deep-dives. Of particular interest was " A tale of two pizzas: Accelerating Software Delivery with AWS Developer Tools"


It was great to hear that iDetailAid's mantra of Continuous Development/Continuous Integration (CD/CI) with short release cycles and zero downtime upgrades, was validated by AWS themselves. 

As a result of a great summit, we've taken away some learning and interesting approaches to development, provisioning and deployment, meaning that soon we will be rolling out some architectural and build efficiencies across the iDetailAid platform that will benefit all of our customers.

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