iDetailAid release enhanced Veeva integration with support for Vault Digital Asset Management

Posted by Tim Heyes on 30-Jan-2017 11:38:51
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iDetailAid, the cloud-based eDetail creation platform, have released an enhanced Veeva integration which helps strengthens the position of Veeva Vault as the No. 1 platform for all commercial content and digital assets in Life Sciences organizations.

With this enhancement, users of iDetailAid are able to directly source approved assets for use in multichannel CLM content from Vault, maintaining a link in Vault to keep track of where the assets have been used.

This integration highlights the commitment of iDetailAid to continue to deliver a ground-breaking, cloud-based eDetail content authoring system that is closely aligned with Veeva's product suite.


iDetailAid already publishes to Veeva Vault allowing life sciences organisations and their agencies to quickly and easy create, update and publish CLM ready content for use in Veeva.

With the enhanced integration, iDetailAid now provides the following capabilities:

Browse and use approved assets directly from Vault

Content creators can now deep link into connected Veeva Vault instances in order to browse approved assets to be used in their multichannel presentations.

This means that agencies, digital content factories and internal users can be sure that the content they are creating is compliant and meets with local regulatory requirements.

Maintain relationships between slides and assets

Using Veeva Vault's links and complex relationships, approved assets can now be automatically related to the slides in which they are being used, providing invaluable context around the content and enabling traceability throughout its lifecycle.

Asset expiry and publishing workflows

iDetailAid seamlessly tracks and monitors asset expiry in Vault to ensure content authors are notified and informed of potential licence issues or asset lifecycle changes.

Configure permitted asset types and custom parameters

Administrators have the flexibility to customise the integration to suit the Vault instance(s) that iDetailAid is connected to. 

In addition to the types of approved assets iDetailAid can browse, custom metadata can also be configured to be passed to Vault at publish time.

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