Posted by Matt Bryson on 30-Aug-2016 10:37:32
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Team iDA entered their second biking challenge of the year,  but this time it was a slightly more gravity assisted affair.
After a 15 hour drive from London to the French Alps, Tim, Matt B and Vini (from Touch Creative) arrived in Alpe d’Huez with a van full of bikes.  
We were not there to follow in the footsteps of the Tour de France, (although Tim did ride the 21 hairpins) but rather to race the Megavalanche! An epic mountain bike race, where 2000 riders attempt to make it from the glacier at the top of pic blanc (3,300m), straight down to the beautiful town of Allemont (720m) without breaking bikes or bones!  2580 meters of non-stop descent over 20km of snow, rocks, mud, fields, woods and finally tarmac as you enter Allemont.
The qualification was hard enough, but when Team iDA arrived at the start of the race and realised they were about to head down one of the world's toughest ski runs - on bikes - in a mass start of 400 people, they started having second thoughts. The first 3 miles were still covered in snow, and the start was so steep it was faster to toboggan down, clinging on to your bike for dear life! 
One crash and a mere 1 hour 25 minutes later it was all done, barely able to speak, Team iDA celebrated as best we know, with an ice cold beer!
It was equally one of the hardest and most amazing things we have done. However, having said that we would never do it again, though we have caught each other looking up accommodation in Alpe d'Huez for 2017... 

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