Shellshock Bash Bug : How to patch Bash on AWS EC2 deployed with Elastic Beanstalk

Posted by Matt Bryson on 26-Sep-2014 10:18:02
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In response to the ShellShock bug, we tried to patch all our AWS EC2 servers following this security bulletin... but it didn't work.

Turns out that the instructions in the AWS bulletin don't apply to Elastic Beanstalk deployed servers. After some searching, we found the answer.

First determine which AMI you are running:

cat /etc/*-release

And then install one of the following patches.


For Amazon Linux 2013.09

 sudo yum install -y

For Amazon Linux 2014.03

sudo yum install -y

This was found in the following post.

If you are just updating a EC2 box NOT deployed with EB, then simply running the following should work:

"Yum package manager"

 sudo yum clean all
sudo yum update bash

"apt package manager"

 sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install bash


Topics: EC2, AWS, yum, CentOS, EB (Elastic Beanstalk), Linux, Bash, Apache

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