Vagrant up on existing server can not connect to mongo db : { [MongoError: connect ECONNREFUSED] name: 'MongoError', message: 'connect ECONNREFUSED' }

Posted by Matt Bryson on 26-Aug-2015 16:37:33

We often get an issue with our MEAN vagrant dev environments where a previously working server will fail to connect to the mongo db the next time a developer does vagrant up

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Topics: MongoDB, Linux, Vagrant, Bash

Error: Error setting TTL index on collection - Mongo, Express, Mongoose, Replica Sets

Posted by Matt Bryson on 24-Sep-2014 18:17:47

We recently converted a Mongo DB backed Node app from a single monogo instance to a Replica Set. Which threw up a few errors, heres what we did....

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Topics: MongoDB, Mongoose, NodeJs, Express