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Posted by Tim Heyes on 31-Oct-2016 17:05:46
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One of the key features of the iDetailAid platform is its ability to publish eDetail content directly into the Veeva ecosystem.

veeva-integration-l.pngCombining our cloud-based, drag and drop content authoring interface with Veeva's market-leading content managaement, CRM and CLM platforms provides life sciences organisations with a complete solution for the creation, control and distribution of digital sales aid material to the field.

Our Veeva connector has remained fundamentally the same since we first became a Veeva partner, allowing our customers to quickly and easily publish eDetail content directly into Veeva Vault to be distributed to end users in Veeva CRM Mobile.

At the end of this year, we will be starting work on an enhanced Veeva connector which will provide more advanced functionality and a more close coupled, two-way integration.

This will provide users with the ability to create more compliant content and allow them to see how the content they have created is being used. As an organisation you will have more control over the eDetail process and further increase efficiencies and reduce costs for Veeva-connected roll-outs.

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