What exactly is 'Digital Marketing'?

Posted by Matt Aspinall on 01-Jun-2017 14:00:00
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There is an awful lot of noise these days being made about Digital Marketing and in particular, how digital progress within the life sciences industry is a little lethargic.

If however, you examine more closely the rate of change within Life Sciences, it is very evident to see that change is being made. This was certainly borne out when iDetailAid, the leading eDetail creation platform for the pharma and life sciences industry, attended the recent Digital Pharma Advances conference.  The overall feeling within the room here was that the challenge was not the change itself but more the speed at which change was occurring and how this change could be accelerated.




So what exactly is Digital Marketing?' The reality is that digital marketing is just 'marketing' and whether digital or otherwise, the same fundamental principles apply:

Know your customer and competitors, define your target segments and be clear on your message priorities and positioning. Measure and evolve.

Certainly the basics are now understood and being undertaken by a lot within the industry. Clever use of UX design, improving the user journey, married to a conscious strategy to increase web visibility and awareness underpinned by meaningful metrics is now more often than not the default. There is unfortunately still a slight misnomer in the way that digital is treated as a silo activity, a separate channel.

Digital is not just another channel, if marketing is viewed as a wheel then digital should sit as a wheel within that wheel, as it touches everything. A new approach to content creation and release needs to be considered too, audiences needs today are for regular, timely and relevant content, delivered across the channels they use the most.

From an organisational perspective, the answer is not to rush in with a plethora of digital solutions targeted at every conceivable channel but to review all of the channels from your customer and competitors perspective and consider digital's place within them. These days you can waste a lot of time and money focusing your resources on failing marketing campaigns or platforms.

In conclusion, there is an increasing amount of evidence to show that a well understood and implemented multi channel marketing strategy, can have a huge effect on a brands success. The companies that implement this and do it right, will be the ones that reap the benefits and jump ahead of the competition moving forward.






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